Is CBD oil the same as Hemp oil I can buy?

Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil! Hemp oil is super healthy for your pet but does not contain any CBD.

There are thousands of different types of the Cannabis plant. Hemp is a particular type which contains less than 0.3% of a chemical called THC, which is responsible for the high feeling. The great thing about Hemp is that you can use it for it’s rich content of CBD but not get any of the high effects of THC! This is super news, both for animals and us owners alike.

So what is Hemp oil then? Well, the Hemp plant is rich in polyunsaturated (i.e. healthy) fats also and this can be extracted and used in cooking and also as a supplement. Look online, you will see many places to buy Hemp oil, both in NZ and internationally. However, there is no CBD in these products!

Why not combine the two?

Exactly right! Why not have both CBD and Hemp oil together? That’s exactly what Paws CBD oil has done, we use hemp oil as a carrier for the CBD so that your pet gets both CBD and all the healthy omega 3 fats with it.

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